Filled with complex emotion,I wrote down this article.


I can’t imagine that I have been an adult.The past,themselves,fades out continuously,without a word,just like murmuring.And I was still in the past.I don’t want to escape.However,I cannot disobey the order from the time.Who really keeps me going,I don’t know.The only thing I know is that I have been already on the way to the future.


I still remember the past but the past forgets me.


2020,A complex year.


COVID-19,failure.All these shitty things surrounds me all the time.

My project,because of the COVID-19,was abandoned by my teacher.All the efforts I put into became pieces of shit.Sad?Absolute.But my teacher,after rejecting my project,don’t trust me still.From that time,I realized the evil of human.Most time during that time,I wanted to cry but I can’t.

My study,hard to get progress.


MAD.MAD.MAD……Until I lost my confidence,falling into the hell.


But in this year,I was an adult.

I thought an adult may enjoy some special rights.In fact,there is few.

NO ELECT RIGHTS.NO COMMENT RIGHTS.And I cannot set up a credit card.

That’s why I don’t like my country and CCP.But I have no choice.


Even thought complaining more,I have gone through 2020.

Good bye.


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